In the picture above, Can you tell which classroom is which?

Introducing the WAYFINDER™ Safety System

The WAYFINDER™ Safety System is a simple and effective solution for labeling windows, exits, and stairways. WAYFINDER™ labels are guaranteed to increase the efficiency of any emergency response.

Wayfinder™ Banners

These highly reflective banners can be seen from 400ft+ and help first responders quickly identify rooms that need help before having to enter the building. This saves crucial time and could be the difference between life and death.


WAyfinder™ Reflective Numerals

WAYFINDER™ Reflective Numerals are highly visible. High-intensity Prismatic film is used to increase visibility and durability, ensuring proper exterior wayfinding for your school for years to come.  Different sizes are available to ensure maximum safety for your building. 



Location is the single most important piece of information that emergency response personnel need to know.

Windows are great points of access and egress for school buildings, but without proper marking, they cannot be used effectively during emergency situations. Campus security experts around the country recommend placing numbers in classroom windows, indicating which window belongs to each classroom.

This helps response crews to navigate the building, plan ahead, and make key decisions before entering the building. This consequently speeds operations overall.

WAYFINDER™ Safety System is a line of highly visible, reflective, and durable labels which will increase the safety and navigability of your building. Our patent pending WAYFINDER™ Safety System has since been recognized as a necessary safety improvement for high occupancy buildings including schools, hospitals, nursing homes, apartment complexes, and high rises.


HIGHly visible & REFLECTIVE 

Unlike many other existing options, all WAYFINDER™ products have a high reflective quality, ensuring maximum visibility at all times: in daylight, in the dark of night, and in all weather conditions. WAYFINDER products are made using a premium-grade retro-reflective base layer.



Durable & Built to Last

Our proprietary, multi-layer material formula is manufactured in our Philadelphia facilities. WAYFINDER™ products use strong, permanent adhesives which prevent peeling and vandalism. Our backing layer is water resistant, so you can wash your windows without worry of damaging your WAYFINDER™. 


WAYFINDER™ products provide a modern look to your building while increasing safety.

Our material is the only inside-glass mount/interior-installation reflective material on the market that meets the high standards of our customers. This equals great quality and easy installation. 

We proudly make all WAYFINDER™ products out of the highest quality vinyl films and materials available on the market.


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