In the picture above, Can you tell which classroom is which?

Location is the single most important piece of information that emergency response personnel need to know. Unfortunately, responders usually don’t have this information available to them, and responses are not as quick as they could be as a result.

Wayfinding solutions are imperative to ensure ease of navigation around a building. Windows are great points of access and egress during emergencies, but without proper marking, they cannot be used effectively during emergency situations. Security experts around the country recommend posting numbers in windows to indicate which window belongs to each room. This helps response crews to determine where the exact location of an incident is in relation to the outside of the building, allowing them to gather important information about the incident location and increase situational awareness. This accelerates egress and operations overall.


EIS offers two options to solve this problem:

Introducing the WAYFINDER™ Safety System

by Emergency Information Systems


Wayfinder™ Banners

WAYFINDER™ Banners are a stylish wayfinding option. Vinyl creates a modern look and makes a great addition to any renovation project. We use a reflective film to cover a portion of the window, and then cut large numbers out of the film. This option also increases privacy on ground-floor windows. 


WAyfinder™ Reflective Numerals

WAYFINDER™ Reflective Numerals are highly visible. High-intensity Prismatic film is used to increase visibility and durability, ensuring proper exterior wayfinding for your school for years to come.  Different sizes are available to ensure maximum safety for your building. 


Taking into account the principles of Environmental Graphic Design, which blends elements of interior, architectural, and wayfinding/navigational design, we have optimized the WAYFINDER™ Safety System to best serve the functional needs of first responders and the aesthetic needs of the customer.    


HIGHly visible & REFLECTIVE 

Unlike many other existing options, all WAYFINDER™ products have a high reflective quality, ensuring maximum visibility at all times: in daylight, in the dark of night, and in all weather conditions. WAYFINDER products are made using a premium-grade retro-reflective base layer.




WAYFINDER™ products provide a modern look to your building while increasing safety.

Our material is the only inside-glass mount/interior-installation reflective material on the market that meets the high standards of our customers. This equals great quality and easy installation. 

We proudly make all WAYFINDER™ products out of the highest quality vinyl films and materials available on the market.



Durable & Built to Last

Our proprietary, multi-layer material formula is manufactured in our Philadelphia facilities. WAYFINDER™ products use strong, permanent adhesives which prevent peeling and vandalism. Our backing layer is water resistant, so you can wash your windows without worry of damaging your WAYFINDER™. 

Inspired by real-world events

Following the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, an advisory commission generated a report containing suggested guidelines for safe school design. Among the guidelines was a clause for identifying exterior windows and doors: 

"Each classroom having exterior windows shall have the classroom number affixed to the upper right hand corner of the first and last window of the corresponding classroom. The numbers shall be reflective, with contrasting background and shall be readable from the ground plain at a minimum distance of fifty (50) feet."
"All exterior doors that allow access to the interior of the school shall be numbered in sequential order in a clockwise manner starting with the main entrance. All numbers shall be visible from the street or closest point of entry/egress, contrast with its background and be retro-reflective."

The WAYFINDER™ Safety System was developed in part due to this incident, and is the only wayfinding solution available on the market which meets and exceeds these guidelines.  


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